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เนื้อเพลง birds of tokyo – if this ship sinks (i give in)


“if this ship sinks (i give in)”

i’m trying to get my head straight
i’m playing in game that i can’t win
i started in the wrong place
a slap to the cold face of love
i wanna stop this god d-mn beating heart
it’s killing me

this is killing me

i’m trying to get my head straight
i didn’t see the warning signs ahead
i feeling like a dead weight long gone
if i could make it all right i would
i never thought i’d say these things to you
and it’s killing me

this is killing me

i can’t stop this train i can’t get off
but i can’t go back i’ve come too far to stop
there’s too many signs to read them all
there’s too many roads i need to stumble down

i’ve gotta get my head straight
i never thought a day like this would come
i’ll never be the same way as once
i wanna know if this is for real
i’ve gotta know what fate has planned for me
i give in
i give in
i give in
i give in

believe me when i say
there’s something i wish i could say
you were always so good to me
even when it’s so hard to be
i sailed myself too far out to sea
on favoured whims that wont sing for me
there’ll be no rescue no finding me
as i become an old memory
you once knew
you once knew

it’s silent as i sink into the sea
weightless as the tide carries me
to darker water where i believe
something’s down here waiting for me
the numbing cold is taking from me
everything i’m so far beneath
my eyes they open one last time to see
you are staring right back me

- เนื้อเพลง birds of tokyo