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เนื้อเพลง big krit – lfu300ma (intro)


lfu300ma (intro)

do not be alarmed. you have activated a pre-recording. this is lfu300ma. to hear clearly, adjust volume to maximum velocity. thank you and enjoy

[big krit:]
back one more ‘gain for all them players
natural women and mindframe elevators
ten toes down with this experimental south sound
dope up the lines enough to go around and around and around this world thrice over
ain’t nothing new under the sun back in ’05, i tried to told ya
we here 4eva in a day, can’t go back with this one way
take you to where the gr-ss is much greener
putting in work for my redeemer
yea that’s the most high
i ain’t talking ’bout blunts rolled
but like saved souls and warm welcomes at front doors
don’t let your problems weigh you down
don’t let them burdens slow yo pace
the quickest way from a to z is straight
on that narrow path, a road less traveled
so free yo mind and be one with time ’cause that’s all that matters
not all that riff raff or random chit chatter
haters scatters like jacks do
don’t drop the ball unless you can pick up all the weight that a winner has to
don’t let the struggle outlast you
even if society outcasts you
stand strong in your belief
the mountain top ain’t hard to see
when you let god and let be
live from the underground

- เนื้อเพลง big krit