เนื้อเพลง big boi – apple of my eye


apple of my eye

[hook x2: jake]
gimme one reason why
gimme one reason why
you’re the apple of my eye

[verse 1:]
in the beginning they say eve bit it
they’re still sinning cause they letting every tom d-ck and steve hit it
therefore i’m quick to not believe in it, like the weed with the seeds in it
now proceed like a g pimpin’
and some of the things you’ve probably seen in your life
made you think a certain kinda way about finding your wife
or your better half, it’s better to love and to hold
than to never have it at all and ball on these hoes
make your stock go up, my apple stock split
took a gamble caught it at forty and now it’s over six
i’m rich tick
and that’s in hundos, so overseas you might catch us eatin’ nando’s

[hook: jake]

[verse 2:]
some say the preacher’s daughters are some of the freakest ones
they been deprived of fun and now they just wanna cut loose
like everybody else they wildin’ try to find theyself
and by the time they do they barely have n-body left over
feelin’ empty and alone, cause the youth is gone
the thrill has been killed so let the truth be told
look in the mirror my dear, and it appears
that the eyes are the window to the soul, oh

[hook: jake]

[bridge x2: jake]
i, i need a big bite baby, a big bite baby
of your sweet red delicious love

[hook: jake]

[outro: jake]
you’re the apple of my eye

- เนื้อเพลง big boi