เนื้อเพลง benjamin gibbard – broken yolk in western sky


broken yolk in western sky
my stomach turned, my mouth went dry
and i knew i’d never know fear before
i pressed my palms into the seat
and with one last look at you next to me
i kicked open the sliding door

and i threw myself out on the road
torn flesh and broken bones
and in the shoulder’s patchy gr-ss
i faded into your past

i know it was a cowardly thing to do
and that an explanation is not an excuse
i just need you to understand
my love is like some kind of greed
of equal portions ‘want’ and ‘need’
and i cannot divorce the two

i could not sleep at all
with all the rumble strip close calls
and in the gravel and scattered trash
i faded into your past

when you think twice you arrive at the same conclusion
and it’s bad advice only if you use it

and then you disappeared from view
and you became somebody new
near the exit’s overp-ss
i faded into your past

- เนื้อเพลง benjamin gibbard