เนื้อเพลง benighted – invoxhate


here i stand, despair invading me
dragging me in it’s vertiginous fall
endless echoes of the howling
as a sweet requiem of existence

invoke hate, the silence is deafening
invoke hate, erase it and start again

his voice and mine confront inside
creating an indescribable magma
of inept whispers and murmurs
commands, insults, treats and lies

giddiness is growing stronger and my head’s close
to explode
extricate myself from all of this
get the emptiness back
the walls are invisible and the anguish tortures me

through my ears annihilate

pain leaves me rocked in a languorous wave of the
vital essence
fleeing and discharging from my ear-drums

through my head lacerate

all seems clear, as my eyes disappear,
his world vanished away
praying for touching the ground
and feel this hate spilled
like the fragments of my smashed skull

- เนื้อเพลง benighted