เนื้อเพลง bdance & dr koul – no gloves


[dr koul]
you can’t touch me with a yardstick
ask yourself: how far is this? then back up
you can’t see me with a sharpshooter semi automatic
to play me, you need more keys than locksmiths
i was an addict, begging for change
i’m in the attic banging out hard beats, checking my range
for firing. vocal chords untiring
i’m tying up every loose rhyme with a minor swing
meanwhile, police boots pound pavements
i observe troops circling round the mangers
and i await them, to pick the right time to raid them
until then making deep funk until the day’s end
hoping we could educate children to raise them
communities create their own art to entertain them
and if the state begins invasions
guerilla lyrical artillery is in arrangement
it may be strange when we promote peace
to hear our metaphors go more than six feet deep
but it’s a paradox that every artist has to supersede
organically without monsanto selling them super seeds
to plant the thoughts that blossom into wisdom beautifully
it’s natural to want to rush but please you can’t be too discrete
conceal the messages inside the vibes that move our feet
and heal the wounds with weapons that they tried to use in our defeat
yo if i punned it i penned it, i’m no pundit
don’t depend on public opinion or public acceptance
my message is independent of pennies or dead presidents
so pretentious, but i don’t pretend, i’m perfectly pent up
privileged to pursue, my purse soon piled up
permission to pass up opportunity costs
that don’t appeal to pudic palavras
i could pool or repeal them without affecting my pension
my name’s michael jad azkoul
when i write i break mad rules
i’m always chased paying past dues
but i’m really not a bad dude
i make waves with my attitude
and no, i ain’t mad at you
just got loads that i got to do
they want to smack your hat, saddle back
ransack with a savage plan, wrangling the outcome
until you’re dragged at the back of vans
one man, no backup band. what now?
done showing up without a better plan
who’s the veteran? every other war that you’ve ever ran for
what you thought it was? this is all love. no gloves

- เนื้อเพลง bdance dr koul