เนื้อเพลง battalion of saints – solitary is fun


solitary is fun
really number one
locked in a steel cell
all your life
i killed once
i killed twice
maybe soon i’ll be so nice
when they let me out on parole one more time

locked in a steel cage at night
like animals in the zoo
that’s right
if you had
killed you’d get
off scott free
but you went for the money
now you’re in here

someone that’s
innocently killed
the murderer will get out on bail
or stay one year in jail
maybe less
but if somebody
holds up a bank
or steals from the government
he might as well be dead
they’ll throw away the key


prison isn’t really bad
if you want to be a f-g
solitary confinement
is the only way
you’ll be by yourself
padded wall all around
you’ll get the darkness you deserve


- เนื้อเพลง battalion of saints