เนื้อเพลง bambix – balaclava boy


still young and small, couldn’t talk at all
he wondered why they had a ball
out there in the field

it was his wish to eat his dish
without the flavours of animal bliss
and get this party going

what he didn’t know
they put up a show
those strangers in the night
they had blinded his eyes
and fed him with lies
butchers in the daylight

the animals stood there in a line
so very keen to get inside
to enter the ark of noah

the dire consequences were
the pungent scent of burning fur
in a world of red and white

what he didn’t know
they put up a show
those men in disquise
he was no longer deaf
a member of the alf
balaclava boy

he was wondering
he was saying things
everyone heard about
everyone laughed about
soon the world would be too small
for the abuse he’d free them all
it is also their world
the’re not from this world

he had to travel far
with in his bag, his golden balaclava
so many pests tried to stop him on the way
but he made up his mind
fight deliberate ignorance, feed people’s minds
stood proudly on the barricades
for animal rights
not animal wrongs

- เนื้อเพลง bambix