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เนื้อเพลง backstreet boys – my heart stays with you


howie speaking:
you know sometimes being
on the road is rough especially the loneliness

girl i miss you
and it’s only been one day
since i been away
and aw lady i say i long to kiss you
and hold you in my arms
the nights are much too long when you’re gone
baby that’s why…

wherever i go
girl my heart stays with you
my heart stays with you
after every show
i wanna rush over to you
my heart stays with you

trust me, when we are apart
i won’t break your heart
wherever you are i know you feel me, baby
and i can feel you too
no matter what you do
i think of you


baby, yeah
when i’m leaving town
girl, it hurts me too
but i’ve got a job to do
i’ll be back around
to see your sweet face
your reembrace
no one can take your place
i want you to know…

wherever i go
i’ll be rushing over to you


wherever i go
where i stop, who knows
whatever i do
my heart stays with you
i’m gonna rush, gonna rush over

- เนื้อเพลง backstreet boys