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เนื้อเพลง baby – neck of the woods


wayne: gangsta to the core, ankle rapped flame or, paint chipped kitchen floor,
wit your wh-r-, sh-ts u cant ignore, things u endore when f-ckin wit the boi,
all i heard was weezy dont kill me no more, i hear ur bullsh-t i play madadore,
im outta category i aint there wit yall, i got a positive vibe but i aint scared of yall,
get the the kid n-gg- then never let it on, and let the caco off… akakakakaka
i gotta b-tch so fine her name pereon… she know how to stash quarters in the carry-on,
i blew outta town, dressed when im outta town, uptown in the building… not a sound,
cause killas dont get heard about, they get whispered about or u get murdered out n-gg-.

chorus (baby and lil wayne) (x2)
baby: well lemme take u through the neck of the woods in ma hood,
show u what we livin like…
wayne: runnin like a man, finger on the trigger,
i got money in ma pocket im a uptown n-gg- n-gg-

baby: the first shot, the first n-gg- got shot, we bust em’ open like a blunt on the marley n-gg-,
a hundred g’s a n-gg- score some ki’s, and then we went to the hood, and then we started the ballin n-gg-,
we know them people been paper chased, so we stay out the way then we pull out the hardest n-gg-,
we keep the gash closed, in case u want know, u come through the hood i bet u’s a target n-gg-,
its all good till u catch a case, a n-gg- never escape cause u addicted to money n-gg-,
well lemme bring u back yesterday, a lil homie i know he got full of that barma n-gg-,
f-ckin around wit that kid in play, n-gg- f-ckin wit g’s a n-gg- twisted his body n-gg-,
well lemme tell u bout this game i know, u keep flippin dough homie and you’ll be ridin the flys n-gg-,

chorus x2

wayne: got it on ya mind let daddy say somethin,
all the play buckin gon get your face b-ttoned up,
now when u smirk u look like j-z’s shirt,
f-ckin wit the turf, im puffin on that smurf,
f-ck ya come holla and tell ya poppa,
put away ur dollars ur son got choppers,
and if u got enemies ur son got enemies thats uptown energy n-gg-

baby: dont waste no time on no bullsh-t it aint hood sh-t,
well spend a lil paper n-gg-,
but if u catch him in the hood n-gg- its all good sh-t,
go ahead do me that favor n-gg-, well let me take u deep down on the inside,
its where they hustle and a homies tryin to get it right,
its where u got the ride, its when a homie die,
and the money cant stop the pain on the inside,

chorus x2…baby talking… end

- เนื้อเพลง baby