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เนื้อเพลง b f egypt – shannon


verse 1
shannon was the preacher’s only daughter
living in a small town on the edge of nowhere
went to high school with her girlfriends
she was different but she always tried to fit in
a sunday sermon in a church filled with solemn faces
late at night daddy liked to touch her secret places
momma closed her eyes denying everything she’d seen
shannon ran away from home when she was sixteen
shannon, where are you now?
you’ve got to find your way through somehow
close your eyes, ’cause it won’t be long
when a new day will dawn
verse 2
a lonely girl collecting pieces of her broken life
she meets jimmy and he asks her if she’ll be his wife
shannon knows their relationship can never last
but she is desperately trying to forget her past
soon she’s left alone to raise her growing children
jim gets drunk each night then staggers home and beats them
shannon fears that their gonna have to run away
she thinks he’ll kill her if she stays with him another day
repeat chorus
guitar solo
repeat chorus

- เนื้อเพลง b f egypt