เนื้อเพลง avias seay – simply avias


talk show host: so welcome back to bill waters everyone “the life show” i’m your talk show host “bill” and this next young guy were bringing out is talented for his astounding music and amazing talents! ladies and gentlemen lets have a round of applause for avias seay (crowded clapping)

talk show host: so avias how’s everything been since you dropped your first alb-m

avias: well everything is fine you know. life can’t get any better my fanz show me lots of love and i’m just living it up

talk show host: so avias tell me what’s makes you simply yourself

avias: well for one i’m the type of n-gg- that do what i do cause i can. i don’t know how much sense that make but i’m just one of a kind! i love making music! i feel like there’s other rappers out there but i am the one and only not trying to sound c-cky but i have talent so i express it through music and undercover haters need to stop hating and get on they job. i feel like it’s the world against me sometimes. as long as i have my watches and rings on my wrist… chucks on my feet with the dogtag i’m cool. i’m a swagtrendsetter n-gg-z give me props! and when haterz hate um like “oh well who cares” i’m just simply me!

talk show host: i see… so i hope this next alb-m aint garbage

avias: now you just ate that sh-t up. i never make garbage i recycle it

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