เนื้อเพลง avias seay – rapper annihilation


it’s like i already was hired cause i’m killing this game
it’s just 2 secs in and yall giving me fame
i’m nothing like a virus at least that don’t hurt
um airborne like a flu yall rappers bout to get murked
and given me every opportunity in the world
to say um extravgant even yo girl
i’m away from your ordinary i’m in another world
so hand over your t-tles like bastian booger
he heavy no my lyrics yall moving to slow
um doing 900 fast lane gas aint never low
um fueling off all you lame rappers that’s out
knowing um taking home the t-tle gotta win it no doubt
see the difference between what you and i do
is my lyrics are dope and intelligence to
i don’t need a producer nope cause i do my own sh-t
just 2 mins for lyrics and 1 for a hit
now yall wondering why everyone jocking my style
oh by the way my name avias ego crazy wild
now um just like ike um giving you to the count of three
stay in yo place cause um scattered out like killer bees
and if i sound a bit disturbing don’t cry leave it up to me
just slide from the mic gone set yo soul free
tik tok tik tok every second a song
every min every hour now fly me to hong kong
got enough cash so don’t come stressing yo sh-t
yall thought hiphop was dead no it was just sick
in a bottle place my head um the medicine for it
and if you want to hate them call em out you gone get
yall better run now cause the master is home and um ready to sit anxiously on my throne!
yall fake fony rappers something to grow on! and yall all been annilated by then end of this song

- เนื้อเพลง avias seay