เนื้อเพลง aurora borealis – crowned with embalmment


once great king of buzzard and cobra
who once ruled over the land
your existence has but ceased and
time is no longer a demand
ritual journey has begun and now no
time is left
sky is dark pyramid points north
now the eternal quest

jackal god of embalming, anubis takes his toll
one by one it is all removed, heart, liver and soul
mind is next by breaking bones between cavity and skull
with a hook the brain comes out by
careful and few pulls

painted eyes of stone are placed in the head
for this of you life is what you were bed

incission in the gut, organs are withdrawn
corpse is stuffed and wrapped
for lifetimes to come

inovaters of the ancient kind
perplexities that can never be placed in line


into the world of shadows the soul soon shall find
whether the heart is heavy or whether it lies
the life will be destroyed if htis is so
and the judgment shall be p-ssed to the
underworld below

oooh devour the light, oooh devour the cries
oooh devour the light, oooh devour the cries

- เนื้อเพลง aurora borealis