เนื้อเพลง atmosphere – primer


hey daly, get the f-ck away from my sister you punk motherf-cker

[intro] i do… i do… i do…
hey wh-ssup, can i kiss the b-tch yet?… i do…

first of all b-tch, i never promised i’d be rich
so f-ck you and your wishes, ya need to do the dishes
and change the d-mn cat litter
i thought i told you to get rid of that crazy cat last week
yo, don’t you get s-ssy with me missy
because i’ll go upside you quickly
but yo, she’s kinda sneeky when i sleep she’ll probably stick me
but it be a threat, and threats make her respond
she probably grew up watching pops beat her mom
and to the break-a-dawn
i could pop sh-t, talk sh-t, hostage to herself
because there aint no where to walk; this is the middle of h-ll
you’ve got no job, no diploma
might as well kick it with me and live in hinckley, minnesota
she’s my trailer park chick
with the pop tarts and venison hard liquor to cop a buzz
off the over the counter medicine
the rent is in the mail
b-tch pump the (gauge?)
fix the antenna, act your age and spread your legs
it’s my cas-stle, whiiiiiiite stank ho
and if i want to i’ll put it in your -sshole
you wanna battle baby? i’ll put a shadow over ya sky
now shut the f-ck up and fix me turkey pot pie

i own the camaro and the mobile home, so where the f-ck you gonna go?

go, go,
go ahead and call your mom if ya need someone to cry to boo
i guarantee ya that that b-tch is gonna lie to you
f-ck ya crank head, soap opera, pastries, and diet soda
everything she’ll ever need to know she learned from oprah
you what the h-ll she’s gonna do for you?
that b-tch is stuck too
get off my phone, tell her i said what up, and m-th-f-ck you
and tell daddy if he wants some
to bring his drunk -ss on
i beat that fat b-st-rd with a cast on
ay yo honey i’m trippin
but why you always flippin
dress sl-tty everytime that we go drinkin with my buddies
won’t be long before you carrying my puppies
speaking of which you bleeding yet b-tch?
cause you gettin kind of chubby
yo, where the h-ll’d you put my stash?
better tell me quick fast or catch a foot in the -ss
oh no, you did not smoke all of my pot
if my remmington was out the p-wn shop, you’d get shot
stop, and put that knife back in the sink
baby, baby, baby, why you f-cking trying to take me to the brink?
what you think?
quit thinking and pretending that you’re smart
happily ever after ’til death do us part

i own the camaro and the mobile home, so where the f-ck you gonna go?

i love you.

- เนื้อเพลง atmosphere