เนื้อเพลง atman – a world without you, imagination


my imagination forever took me
to dwell upon that world
where nothingness is all
and out of nothingness emerges all
where there are no shapes or colours
where for you it is all grey
where the five senses of human beings
are as absurd as their own existence

i knew that in that world
there was no need for all of that

and in it i did know
that souls were formed
levitated and connected with each other
bathing in the flowing energy
that they themselves emitted
in that world i wanted to belong
and cease to be human
i wished to be as perfect as those souls
never to disappear
those that ignore i did hate
that proud of their material plane
lived wallowing in other ruin
not a crumb of their imagination using

imagination to express their feelings
imagination to express their magic
imagination to express their ego
imagination to express their art

i hated, hated those that ignored
that art is the strength of the mind
and those that made out of it
unclean transactions

but day and night i wept
when i felt that my own brain
was unprepared
to connect to that world

a world without you, imagination
a world without you is consternation

but now i? m here
on an immaterial plane
suicide did cause my death
and now i know that my dreams were true

hardly can one who never lived a dream
get to the place that i inhabit
nor feel plenitude
nor feel ingravidness
nor feel eternity
dreaming alive is necessary
wrong is he who disbelieves in other dimension
and who before a god does kneel

open your minds and enter art
form part of it and be illuminated
by p-ssion and poetry
creating from one day to another
from one night to the next
what your repressed heart demands

a world without you, imagination
a world without you is consternation

thou shall never reach me, egoless beings
on the material plane thou shall remain

- เนื้อเพลง atman