เนื้อเพลง argentum – interdeterioration


floating on afflictedway, a sorrow grift inborn
the gelid air provides a void and obliterate my thoughts
a silence whispering envolve my ens
transm-ting the stone of life

( chorus ) deathscent, transm-ting the winds of haze
reborn, revive the matter of sun itself
soulhaze of……………..
…..interdeterioration, thy nature of the everything
i will transport the worse, into abismal roads
my last breath i felt… the moon is gone

i run through the blesmished scene
degrading all inner disease
waiting for the ether´s downfall
evanesae all earthly sin

et anima eius in igne moratur……..
……aggrived sublimity, the nectar of tragedy
distressing fatality, astral nebulosity
withering mortality, exhilarant emptyness!!!!

repeat ( chorus )

i pleasant my virtue to observe the reign of this
beautiful infraprosperity

est hominis ad monadis, simplicitatem reducti
ad lapidis nostri…c-m macrocosmo…fermentatio

- เนื้อเพลง argentum