เนื้อเพลง anvil – you’re a liar


when i first met you, thought we’d give it a try
i didn’t think to see it in your eyes
you said you love me but that’s a lie
and now i’m leaving so don’t you cry
no tears baby

’cause you’re a liar
and it’s true babe
you’re a liar
i don’t need you
turn my back and you’ll just
hit the door

you said that things would be different with you, ha
i can’t believe the things you said were true
i caught you cheating so now we’re through
i don’t want to be involved with you, no!
not with you honey

so go away and i’ll try it again
i’ll find a lady that won’t cause me no shame
? your lyin’ games
but with my luck, no doubt you’d be the same
that’s ’cause you’re all the same baby
a bunch of no good lying b-tches

- เนื้อเพลง anvil