เนื้อเพลง ant banks – late night fuck


i was sitting at the house on a late night
working h-lla hard trying to make my tape tight
music h-lla loud and the tv was on
b-mping so strong that i couldn’t hear the phone
i looked at the tube and the sh-t was kinda wild
a b-tch getting served straight doggy style
i hit the “off” b-tton on the drum machine
sat down on the bed and i peeped the scene
and the ho getting f-cked, oh man she was so fine
after hours, 1 o’clock on showtime
but what i saw, it made me wanna ball
i grabbed the telephone, it’s time to make a few calls
who can i get to be a ho for me tonight?
i think i’ll call tish cause her sh-t’s h-lla tight
hit it on the nose cause the b-tch was on h-rny
i hung up the phone, put my tongue on the fork
so i can be ready for some body and some soap
the 40-oh of mickey put my d-ckey on pole
now i’m h-lla anxious, waiting for the c-ck
so i can keep her yelling “ant banks don’t stop!”
ha ha, i can’t wait to lay the pipe now
but i hope she comes around before my high goes down
oh knock knock knock on the door, what do ya know
i opened up, sure enough, i’m in luck, it’s my late night f-ck

(don’t you wanna do me?) yeah, give it up
(ooooh, do it from the back) c’mon, c’mon
(don’t you wanna do me?) give me some of that coochie coochie

i said “come on in” and “oh hi, how ya doing?”
conversation was fake, cause i was thinking bout scr-w-ng
she gave me a hug and a real wet kiss
zip goes the zipper and i whipped out my d-ck
i know you’re wondering, what did she think?
she got on her knees and started sucking my beef link
and believe me, the head was kinda right, bro
i got served like a cutl-ss in a side show
and the nut came gushing like niagra falls
she took it out and i nutted in her eyeball
now what’s next, is it time to get some d-ck?
she said she wanted to get licked
eat the p-ssy? that ain’t fly, no
i’m not a lick ’em low, pooh-man lied, ho
all i wanna do is knock some boots
so let me see you in your birthday suit
every bone in the c-ck i was preparing to break
cause the b-tch had a f-cking ms. america shape
now it’s time for the sticking, watch the b-tch get stuck
by the big-d-ck gangsta banksta and the late-night f-ck

(don’t you wanna do me?) yeah, give it up
(ooooh, do it from the back) c’mon, c’mon
(don’t you wanna do me?) give me some of that coochie coochie

i was chopping up the c-ck just like a ginsu
she opened up her legs wide enough to ride my benz through
that’s about the time i stuck it in her socket
she shouted “pop my coochie!” best believe that i popped it
and i kept on stroking
but i couldn’t feel the p-ssy with the old-school trojan
i had to wear it last week, i heard she burnt pooh
i slapped her -ss cheeks til they turned blue
i had her hanging off the bed with her hands on the floor
just like a pro, hitting nothing but p-ssy hole
she started wiggling, i couldn’t keep the b-tch still
just like en vogue, i’m giving her something she can feel
i was sweating and dripping cause we was working out
she started moaning cause the nut came squirting out
huh, now it’s time for me to bust mine
i’m a have to end it and sh-t, i’m finna finish up this f-ck rhyme
now i think i had enough
oh sh-t, my late night f-ck! (echos)

- เนื้อเพลง ant banks