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เนื้อเพลง another mask – if only we could


come on, run
far away from here
tell me
do i burn warm enough for you?
it is not that easy to be
the one who messed it all
and lost control
over me

the days are p-ssing by
and falling leaves are
covering our past
your eyes will always see
just what you want
this fall came so fast that we just
didn’t notice
it feels like i’m walking astray
but this time there is no right way
we cannot return anything that we had
there was too much said

it’s too late
for making excuses
you just keep pushing this line again
if only
we could

i regret nothing
let’s keep it in our hearts
i regret nothing
but i still don’t know what’s wrong with us

it’s near me
but it slips through my arms
it’s near me
through the stained gl-ss i can see
you’re in front of me
but you’re so far away
forgive me
i will not make you stay
so here we are
pretending that nothing’s wrong
your acting is bad but that’s ok
and oh i know it hurts
to take the blame
but this time i won’t justify you

well this time you’ve got to explain!
and this is the last time!

i’ve tried to be faithful
i’ve tried to be sincere
i’ve tried not to let you down
i’ve tried to be honest
i’ve tried to forgive you
for everything
but you didn’t notice

- เนื้อเพลง another mask