เนื้อเพลง angelo mota – good life (intro)



[verse one: angelo mota]
i’m still searching for that eudaimonia, that good life baby
from the suburbs to the hood life baby
remember when everything was a joke?
well this the end of that, i hope you cats are taking notes
generation doing bad sh-t, cutting cl-ss average
now they asking police just to see if i had spoke
remember when i was younger, used to chill with my brother
conspire different ideas, ignite them and watch them tumble
my game was less than desired but now i’m s-xing with others
scoped and met them from tumblr their buddies told them i’m trouble
these people used to be humans, howdy doody they’re puppets
and how you’re doing was just an excuse to get what they want
but i’m past it, i finally can see through all the plastic
ripping through my life’s stories, finding books of matches
i met my vices in a church, and they were parked out
capped l-st, smacked up drugs, and crip-walked out
now the room empty of the blues like crips walked out
scr-ps of yearbooks with certain pictures that were crossed out
mindset match the decor, cigarettes and ashes all scattered on the floor
i guess that you can say i’m way madder than before
at the -sses asinine wrapped up in michael kors, good lord
i remember rapping on your porch, before the dream of porsche’s knocked up at your door
but that good life’s gorgeous, the good life’s gorgeous
shallow as a baby pool, but long as they say it’s cool
the good life’s gorgeous, good life gorgeous
i’m here to tell you that your values ain’t important


- เนื้อเพลง angelo mota