เนื้อเพลง angel corpse – smoldering in exile


chaos infinite- majesty of execration
squatting proud upon the throne of abomination
death profane burns bright- supreme
consuming foetid flesh of the nazarene

rites of scourge- immolated flesh
imbibe the sorrow storm of impiety
a serpent entwined in the h-rns of the goat
of withered angels wretched debris


tyrant of solitude and desolate beauty
the scaled and blooded claws of the mighty
a king for kings to victory betrothed
vestige of mercy with filth befouled

winged shadow simulacrum
tenebrous dirge- ensanguined drums of war
iron, blood and blasphemy affirmation
with grinning sepulchre as altar

he who leaps the loftiest of mountains
pride and proscription now abhorred
smoldering in exile- eternal
azazael: awful lord
the flesh of besz- venom of apophrasz
the dragon steed of the scarlet fornicatrix
behold magnificence: mega therion
six hundred and sixty six

an iron helm on h-rned brow crowning
a warlord wreathed bold with lightning
obsidian splendor- of starless purity
the bringer enflamed of dawns and destiny

of strength, cloven stature and wisdom unknown
the wellspring from which all blasphemies flow
the s-d-stic triumph for which i yearn
the mighty inferno in which i burn…

smoldering in exile

- เนื้อเพลง angel corpse