เนื้อเพลง ange k – you


i wake up in the dawn and see your face.
you are the thing i can’t replace.
i really thought you loved me,
but now it’s only to plain to see.
you saw me from long away,
and now i have something to say.

i love you, i hate you.
i adore you, i despise you.
i no longer know what to do.
you’re in my heart, you’re on my mind.
you’ve hidden my heart that i’ve still to find.
you make me laugh, you make me cry.
and now you’ve just said goodbye.
it’s you

why you did this to me, i’ll never know.
now it’s hard to survive till tomorrow.
i remember the good times we had, you and me.
yet, you’ve left me under this barren tree.
i really wish you would call tonight,
but i know it’ll never be right, cuz…

repeat chorus

i told you i want you, you know i do.
i just can’t live without you.
i know you can’t stay,
but i’ve just one more thing to say…

chorus x 2

it’s you.

- เนื้อเพลง ange k