เนื้อเพลง amestigon – monument of might


“forgotten powers are revealed,
by fire we are sworn,
to everlastingness, to eternity, to the void,
the sign of the dragon shines through,
the opaque darkness in our eyes…

the icon of wisdom,
a key to time and realities,
tall it stands and unreachable,
for those not able to hear eternity’s voice…

it shall be a for the few,
who stand at the very edge of the abyss,
who possess the right of p-ssage,
who possess the right of p-ssage…

the gate is closed,
but it is in you,
to see through the veil that lies above the shimmering stars,
so it is written and so it will be done,
the furious flames, they dance with pride,
between the heavens and the deadly depths,
this is a beginning and an end…”

- เนื้อเพลง amestigon