เนื้อเพลง almighty – instinct


a new day rising
and i’m sinking slow
i’ve been following my instincts
to the corners of her soul

you want it
need it
give it
take it as it comes
teach me how to f–k
without the indignation
gonna lick the flame
coz i can’t resist temptation

you find it hard to swallow
swallow my pride
it’s a love like h-ll

crying in her mind’s eye
about the damage done
i can’t hold back my kingdom
when i know it’s gonna come

you want it… etc

teach me how to f–k
spare me degradation
if i knew how to relax
i wouldn’t need sedation


you want it… etc

teach me how to f–k
senseless stimulation
can desire be fulfiled
in a no win situation?


- เนื้อเพลง almighty