เนื้อเพลง allfrumtha i – unthinkable


yeah, once again the undefeated dub s c g
squeak ru, binky mack, huh, allfrumthai
worldwide, baby

(verse 1 -squeak ru)
in southern california n-gg-s don’t play fair
we hittin switches in [hoops?], makin b-tches t-tties bounce in the air
tryna take a g, flip wit the 2.3, so i can move my family
you gotta go for what you know
you either die for the hood or find a out the ghetto
millionaire is the word
n-gg-s gotta catch them a bird
take flight from the curb
i’m sprayin fools like [eversoft?]
jack a n-gg-, make his b-tch dance in the [?]hall
i don’t play sh-t
i hate pay sh-t
sw-ng wit the bloods
and truce wit the [curb grip?]

all i can dream is the undreamable
all i can think is the unthinkable
explodin like a godd-mn bomb
n-gg-s be alarmed, the fat man spread like napalm
inhale it in ya chest, baby
inhale it in ya chest, baby, worldwide
inhale it in ya chest, baby
inhale it in ya chest, baby, westside

(verse 2 -squeak ru)
i’m from dub s, swing it to the c
squeak be the sh-t ’cause, n-gg-, i’m a g
bangin on tha m-th-f-ckin microphone
mashin on ya n-gg-s to peel yo dome
f-ck witta best on tha planet
grab the microphone and watch n-gg-s panic
you see, they can’t f-ck wit the unfadeable
[wreckin?] n-gg-s turn em into hateables
tryna get rich wit these grips
i treat the world like a cake, i want the cream in the middle
down wit manson and the big fish
the jankiest one will bring the defwish
westside! steady [?] n-gg-s swellin
i signed a life-time contract wit the 3 time felons
now we standin back to back
countin cheddar by the gs, stack to stack


(verse 3 -squeak ru)
i make n-gg-s to forget about rap
their heads get to bobbin and their feet is the [check?]
once was a hater but now he’s a fan
standin by my side, sayin “squeak you da man”
stepped out the smog in 1996
[jacked?] a n-gg- for the west, now i’m tryna sold this b-tch
and i’ma stay down for life
b-tch gotta love the dub to be my wife
i can’t stop till my pockets get the most
so i’ma stay high and make the music [?]
so do you like criminals
’cause i got the sack that you know you fiendin fo’


now tell some… was that big deseez?
huh, you godd-mn right. that was big deseez!
once again, the fat man, the tyc–n, allfrumthai
worldwide, baby

- เนื้อเพลง allfrumtha i