เนื้อเพลง allen mikal – dead presidents freestyle


[produced by ski beatz]

[verse: allen mikal]


i had to do it

theres numerous you could hustle to earn paper
from nuthin to somethin
finna rise like elevators
in the middle of both sides, like the equator
lifes a decision and im wishing i could make it in this game
full of lames, going fishin with the devil
thinkin will i get reeled
will my intentions reveal
im ill enough to get a deal
make a mill, get my name on a plaque
wish i could take it back
to the 90s, will the find me, i guess not
they might leave me like they left pac
so tell them government spies they can’t have me cuz i put my soul into rap
got my goal on the map, got patrol on my back
wishin i could get away and get these hoes off my sack
but why the game twisted, bar for bar
punchlines hard and all you lames missed it
im unique and thats the difference between you and i
this the moment of god
take your eyes and open em wide
relax and chill cuz dawg its my moment to shine
illegal thoughts, now the cops arresting my mind
im the best in my prime, i deserve the presidents shrine
never giving up on this rap sh-t cuz im investing my time
a pharaoh to this game and a father to all you lames
3rd eye vision got yall thinkin that im psychic
wearin fly kicks, chilling wit a fly chick cuz thats my sidekick
we k!ll this game together
and that ain’t gon change cuz im gon do this thang forever

- เนื้อเพลง allen mikal