เนื้อเพลง alice cooper – love’s a loaded gun


somebody saw you at the station
you had your suitcase in your hand
you didn’t give no information
you walked off with another man
i’m always standing in the shadows, baby
i watched you give yourself away
you take them home into your bedroom
you had another busy day
i tried to look the other way and fake it
you push me to the limits
i can’t take it

one down, one to go
just another bullet in the chamber
sometimes love’s a loaded gun
red lights, stop and go
whatcha gonna do when you play with danger
sometimes love’s a loaded gun
and it shoots to kill

someday they’ll put me in a squad car
someday they’ll throw away the key
but ’til that day i’ll be a mad dog
cuz that’s what you taught me to be

you looked into the eyes of men above you
i was the one who really tried to love you


pull the trigger

i tried to look the other way and fake it
you know, you push me right to the limit
i can’t take it


somebody saw you at the station

somebody better shake you
somebody better turn your head around
i’m scratching like a wild cat
i’m spitting fire on the ground
you got my venom running thru ya
ain’t gonna let you run off wild

i’m snakebite
i’m your only man
snakebite is your lover
you’ll never hide, baby understand
snakebite drags you under
i’m snakebite
they call me snakebite

n-body gonna take you
n-body gonna touch your rebel skin
i’ll break ’em like a matchstick
cuz baby that’s the kind of mood i’m in

my face is tattooed on your shoulder
your name is scratched into my bike, yeah


you got my venom runnin’ thru ya
if you’re gonna run
go running scared, i’m right behind ya


- เนื้อเพลง alice cooper