เนื้อเพลง after the tragedy – the soul burns the body decays pt. 2


hold my hand, ill take you far from here
somewhere where we can escape
and where were going you wont have to fear
anyone or anything

the morning after everyone decides to reside anywhere but in my eyes
isnt morning but a nightmare im locked inside with a will to find out why

when the silence is broken youll understand the destruction
the life i thought i had in my hand died
now im left holding a choice without a voice
i could stay here and not shed enough tears for the times i never said i love you
i loved you

i can still remember how her eyes spoke her mind when i told her not this time
she would tell me church was not that bad, id just laugh
was there something she would hide?

now im left in a world where the dead will not stay dead
where its impossible to get out
how do i get out?
im on my own with just a book

is this the book telling me rules i hate to hear
or is this the path i should have gone all of my life, tell me youre the way

- เนื้อเพลง after the tragedy