เนื้อเพลง aerosmith – no more no more


you tried, boy
you tried to blame it on me
at first it worked
i was feeling so guilty
you said, you said
i was the reason why
we couldn’t work out
but that was all a lie
you never gave me
what i gave you boy
but it’s your loss
’cause you made the choice
to walk out
but you want me back around
i wish that i never loved you
never loved you

i should have never let you have my heart
you made me not want to feel again
made me scared to open up, but
now i’m better off
no more bad days
don’t need you to validate me

no more
(i don’t need you)
no more
(i don’t need you)
no more
(i don’t need you)
no more
(i don’t need you)

you made me
made me think we had something real
but then you tried to use the way i feel
against me
make me a yes girl
you tried to do
had to free myself
’cause i can’t let you
get the best of me
no more misery
had to free myself
’cause you’re not the one for me

and i bet you wish you had my love again
i bet you wish you never made that decision
’cause now you want me back
i bet you want me back
but when i cry myself to sleep
tell me, where are you?



i did everything you asked me to
but nothing was good enough
and baby, we’re through
you act so arrogant
you act like you’re heaven sent
and i’m not gonna let you get the best of me
i’ll find someone who loves me for me

- เนื้อเพลง aerosmith