เนื้อเพลง abscess – aching meat


p-ss scorches out my c-ck
pus so green comes out in hardened chuncks
bl–dy urine the smell of genital rot
taste that bile creepin’ up my throat
i m-st-rb-t- with my infected tool
i wanna see my rotten j-zz in a smelly pool
i jerk it ’til my hand’s covered in pus
puke on my d-ck lubed for another 50 thrusts
my aching meat

buckets of c-m tainted in decay
shoot from my flute with a rush of searing pain
the mold on my b-lls is peeling off in flakes
a dribble of sh-t running down my leg
the toilet seat’s spattered
and my d-ck is still hard
the sh-t p-ss and c-m
pus and bl–dy discharge are making me hungry and i want to eat
i chow it puke it sh-t it p-ss it
my aching meat, my achine meat

bl–dy engorged and coated with slime
it feels so divine
p-rnofreakographic l-st
i can smell my -n-l crust
urinal ice like a bullet to bite
humid pungency
venereal vigor
arms just a blur
latrinic ecstacy

- เนื้อเพลง abscess