เนื้อเพลง abra cadabra – blackbox freestyle


no problem, no problem
ounto nation in the building and that
shout out my ones, sho
one exclusive for them, trust me
yo, man, listen up
trust me

[abra cadabra – “robbery” instrumental]
man don’t talk, man rob
run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh ‘chete before it get chop
b-mbaclart, ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don’t bother try run, yuh
look, man don’t talk, man rob
run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh ‘chete before it get chop
b-mbaclart, ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don’t bother try run, yuh
look, sho, pk humble phoned man and said he got a movie
i said, “bro, i don’t want no zenos i ain’t no juvie”
he said, “3 nine bars of the buju banton, let’s do this”
me done talk, meet me at the spot down suh, i’ma be there soonish
wow, look that l skin long like jv
man, i smoke till my eyes go red
man, i smoke till my brain get wavey
look, that yute been through where?
allow that i beg a man rate me
look, i can’t be the youngest in charge and be out here beefing these babies
look, .44, glock 9 where?
man, just cool with your gas gun
you know man’s ready for the breakkie
so please don’t gwaan like a madman
look, meanwhile phone up fizzy, “yo big bro, i got a santan”
look, holla at shower man rich got a hally on the side
he can bang that
cah man pick up, pick up that grub and i move that weight
man stick up, stick up that plug, put the broom to his face
every ting f-ck up, f-ck up
dont play, man will shoot man’s brain
the road get bun up, bun up when fiddy and fizz in the way
cah man go mad, man go mad in the trap
man do road on my bros, man don’t lie
man do road in my rams
had a man doin’ 10 toes
man stop rap, man stop rap with the gang
now i got a room full of hoes, now i’m goin’ mad
now i’m goin’ mad in the trap
fiddy gotta move these o’s, wow
look, check the score, check the textbook
while you was in the crib with westwood
i was on the roads with the bros with the big ting
kickin’ down doors for the best budge
look, man are screaming k-this, k-dat, k-dat
all now something ain’t dead
look, how can you say that i’m new to this shit when the last yute i bucked, he bled?
look, this is tottenham, fam
’round here we don’t fight with no wotless gyal
when i bop through the dance, don’t watch man, fam
tottenham 17, yea, you know my gang
sho, yea, huh
look, gotta get it right now
tryna lose these pounds
then gain that again, my connect from south
young change for an ounce
that green pack loud, i’ve been up from morning
look, no time for yawning
cah the lizzy be calling, trap ting boring
but it’s ok cause the money keeps falling
dodge these drakes
through the cold and the rain, grind hard
that’s the rules of the game, i don’t care about fame
i’m not your bae, you just give ucky, i still don’t rate
get the f-ck out of my face
this road ting rage
youts get slain, knifework cray
my g’s don’t play
man’s felt bare pain, don’t tell me ’bout age
i’ve seen grown man get paged
my bro, you relate that?
beenie told me, we stay
i swear down on vince all day
look, and that’s trouble if i come through
take that lappy if i want to
on me, on who?
watch your words, mind (sssh, sssh)
don’t bun you

[2pac – “letter 2 my unborn” instrumental]
ay, check it
look, oi, look
f-ck the five-o, tottenham we live-o
still beatin’ shots on the bloodclart high road
f-ckin’ with the f, man the f so sweet
my n-gg- fais swipin’ whips with his eyes closed
my n-gg-s grind, no sleep on the curb
my life’s reckless
my n-gg-s’ phone so old school like tetris
try and tek what’s mine, you risk losin’ your life
we don’t snitch ’round here, bro, that’s a next ting
funny man on the roads wann’ act up
man, i’ll be climbin’ in your yard like i’m santa
big rambizzy down your throat ain’t banter
you don’t want no smoke, cah man’s cancer
k!lling the riddim
i’m really loved by these women
and i be kickin’ and winnin’, don’t really care ’bout women
but they just love what i’m ringin’
and they just love how i’m singin’
i’m really trynna stop sinning, but the party’s beginnin’
me and kush doin’ road, it’s a mazah
kicked man down while i’m screamin’, “gaza”
man, i’ll f-ck up a pussy then cut like my farda
knock man’s ting from tottenham to ghana
look, real shower man gotta eat right
tek man’s food, tell him, “suck your mum” three times
for the money i’ll be climbin’ in your beehive
for the money i’ll be climbin’ in your beehive
look, a word of advice you best mind who you’re dissing
cuh it can long with the smith &
mummy’s got a knife, all back up in the kitchen
cuh sssh got a big .45 that’ll lift him
the roads are getting gritty and it’s painful
cuh i been out here, chillin’, watching rain fall
mummy said not everyone that smiles is your friend
so i’m [?]
you would be surprised at who would snake you
there’s weight on my chest and i can feel it
cah anytime i wann’ speak my mind, i stop breathin’
these judgemental pricks really think that i’m a eediat
abz no problem, i really be a demon
my bredrins like, “abz, just leave them people”
if i start moving wicked they gon’ say that i’m evil
make them start bustin’ stunts like evel knievel
bodyslam a prick like william regal
they say that i’m bad mind, i say that they bad mind
it’s he say, she say, and it’s wastin’ my d-mn time
i can be in the booth or be buildin’ my dank line
instead i’m sittin’ here plannin’ to hit ’em up and bang 5 cah
i live this life, don’t wanna this life
but it’s really these guys distributin’ bare lies
talkin’ ’bout when he see me he gon’ bun man
i turn a man’s light skin dark like sun tan
look, you think i do this road ting for fun, fam?
i’ve seen gypsy youts in the ends turn gun man
so diss me and i turn up at the crib
oh lord, if the po-po don’t cuff man
i’m really in the field, i mean, i’m really in the streets
chiraq? nah dawg, i’m from the gritty streets of t
round here, we ain’t got no deets
no shopping city, just a shitty mcd’s
where the mandem base off for a one munch
come run and act up
you can hold a one thump
she ask me where i’m from
yo b, i’m from a [?]
tottenham, riot town, north side of london
so man a order the ting in my palms it’s done
if i ask catch him with a ting in my palms, you best run
ain’t hard for a yute with funds to get spun
ain’t hard for me to nap him and demand a fat sum
man a [?] spark up a doobie
before you haffi road i been spark up a rookie
look, then again i want bags this year
so i beg you please don’t p-ss me the dully
i ain’t freein’ up your willy to a minor
you really not heard that your gyal topped mine, dawg?
they call me burna boy, man they call me burna boy
if i caught that burner, boi, don’t set off my timebomb
look, take time when you’re winin’
and i’ma take you [?] movie dinin’
me and fais got your friend’s girl hyping
and when she steps out we got here looking righteous
hot browning with a big back
make her shake that like a box of tic tacs
someone wheel that, no problem, chit-chat
got her feelin’ like she wanna ride on his ridgeback
sho, look, but i’ma grip that
oi, tell her, “come ’round to my d-ck at”
she’ve been ridin’ dirty in my rental, let her whip that
look, no flex zone, i’ma kick back
look, one eight, one harder
praise the lord, you only have one farda, mazah
i’ma give a hater’s gyal the saga
she ain’t never had a low battery cause i charge her
if had her goin’ in then i’ma go harder
grindin’ with my cartels in the gaza
soon catch us chillin’ off on the plaza
bright lights and the doors sayin’, “mazah”
i’ma come with a bang, can you hear me?
no, man isn’t beast they should fear me
if you got beef with succes don’t come near me
cause i’ma be rich off a plan, movin’ carefree, cah
i remember watchin’ cbeebies
no since i didn’t know about kmt
the only crime i commited was kdg
and now i’m sittin’ in the trap, god save me please, sho
d-mn, i’m gettin’ older
there was a point when i saw my life fold up
many times i should have linked, my daddy never showed up
he used to busy my calls when i phoned up
so you can never say i wasn’t made for this
my bredrins had whips, i had to pay for lifts
and in the past i didn’t have no present
my bro, i had to pay for gifts
look, christmas soon come, no funds for that
that’s if i see my christmas and i ain’t stuck in the can
cah, i said to myself, “i ain’t goin’ jail”
i nearly never stuck with the plan
look, i swear it really hurts me
why i gotta grind hard to move dirty?
why i gotta worry about my bruddas bein’ certi?
why can’t i live easy with the girlies?
mumsy tellin’ me, “stop comin’ home late”
huh, how i gotta put food on my plate?
through the cold and the rain
sho, look, grind hard, that’s the rules of the game, oi
shawty wanna f-ck with a n-gg- like me
wanna f-ck with a n-gg- like me
but my shawty knows if you f-ck with a n-gg- like me
i could put you on itv
shawty lookin’ blessed in that maxi dress
trust me, i done never fiend for sex but i had to show her
that i’m the best of the rest, i’m the rest of the best
cah that batty lookin’ vexed
i sip cups of that rosé
i’m chillin’, watchin’ soul plane
gettin’ groovy for the whole day, that’s me
but this girl ain’t tax free
look, expensive taste, expensive ways
african queen with expensive days
the finish line’s mad, she’s a ghana gyal
that’s an expensive race
i said, “[?] me” naija gyal wann’ do me
she said she wann’ get groovy
mummy, said what [?]
she [?] me
look, cause she heard i’m the in ting
she wann’ get to pinging
she tells me i’m sweet like chin chin
she gets para when my phone starts ringin’
cause she thinks that is my gym ting
so she starts with her lips and movin’ like fed with the frisking
i’m lovin’ on her [?] skin
she put me on a man with squares [?] in but
i might just drink him
afua said i’m kitin-kitin
till i give her that ti-ti-ti-ting
she gets mad when my phone starts to ri-ri-ri-ring
she wants me to buy her a ri-ri-ri-ring, oh no
look, check it
but i’m so seductive
you can put me in the booth, i’m so productive
you can put me in the broom with a gyal
and i take that b-tch to disney and back
i’ll poke her hand and sho

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