เนื้อเพลง abk anybody killa – laugh at you


laugh at you

a mind is a terrible thing to waste
high school reunion wouldn’t show my face
i was always looked at a little different
and i got blamed for everything,
even if i ain’t do the sh-t
it was hectic, a total f-ckin’ nightmare
a room full of preps, and one thug with braided hair
runnin’ through the halls screamin’ “f-ck all ya’ll!”
br-ss knuckle punch jackin’ all jock’s jaws
insane in the cranium, people always starin’
pointin’ at me, laughin’ close enough
so i can hear ’em
until the day that i got my revenge
when they found one student stabbed to death with a pen
whole school goin’ through some emotional stress
gotta half day off cause of that bullsh-t
let me take another victim see if i can get a whole day
remember that b-tch lisa?
they just found her in the hallway
i ain’t playin’ no more, stop laughin’
’cause all that chit-chattin’ as got this killa crackin’
teacher’s pet, bullethole in ya chest
whole football team d-mn near layed to rest
half the students missin’, and no one knows sh-t
they haven’t got a clue that it was all me, b-tch
higher education learn a little something ya’self
who’s next to be got, not too many left
i’m so glad this year’s almost over
and maybe next year, before they laugh,
they’ll look over the shoulder
new students comin’ in, i’mma still be in the same grade
murder after murder all the way until i graduate
crazy killa, crazy killa’s what they call me
no evidence, but i’m still the number one suspect
never once was invited to a party
and if i ever was, all i’d do is bring bloodshed

[chorus 2x]
they don’t like me
they don’t want me
ever since i got here
they treated me strange
they got me going crazy
ain’t n-body feelin’ my pain

shed no more tears
so many years, my head’s been clear
but now i understand
to make all those around fear

[repeat 25x until end, through all the chaotic sounds]
they’re all gonna laugh at you!

- เนื้อเพลง abk anybody killa