เนื้อเพลง a o n – distance



this distance is too much
it’s holding back our love
it’s makin it hard to trust you
cause this distance is just too much

{verse 1}

baby i love you, but there’s something eatin at my brain
it’s sayin you’re probably cheatin on me everyday
baby i love you, i’ve known it from the start
but it’s really hard to trust you when we live this far apart
as days go by and time p-sses on
my love for you baby inspires another song
baby i love you, it’s for you that i long
living this far apart is just plain wrong
baby roses may be red and violets may be blue
if we stay this far apart i will never see you
the only thing that gets me through these days that i get through
is that when i say i love you, you say you love me too


{verse 2}

baby here we go again
this distance holdin in
my love for you
i can hardly make it through
these days
cause i can’t hold you
it makes me feel
and so motherf-ckin blue
i can’t take it another second
another minute
your blender of love
i’m in it
round and round
i am spinnin
we live all these miles apart
so far away
you always build my hopes up
and then you take it away
cause when i ask if i can see you
yes is what you’ll say
followed by how bout tomorrow
but no you the next day
girl you always build my hopes up
then smash them in the ground
baby you know this distance is too much
it gets me down


{verse 3}

i love you
i need you
i try so hard to reach you

to see you
to feel you
but no luck cause i’m still blue

every night
i cry
and try to figure out why

you love me
i just can’t see
no matter how hard i try

it hurts me
it kills me
it tears me up inside

but these feelings
right here
i try my best to hide

it was hard
from the start
it ripped my heart apart

just your kiss
can fix it
and turn it into a work of art

but too bad
so sad
you are just out of my grab

miles away
still i say
you’re the best love i ever had

baby you know that you’re the only girl that i love
that’s why it’s so hard to tell that the distance is too much


- เนื้อเพลง a o n