เนื้อเพลง 8twinsnme – all for you


hook~ i knew i loved you when we layed together on that hammick like dammit my eyes opened up and i can remember thinking i wanted to be in this moment for ever an eternity with you but i couldn’t grant immortality for you i’m sorry girl you made me drool i loved you like a fool your so cool

verse~ pretty tan skin big lips and thick hips you are so perfect i wish i knew then how you loved me so i’m screaming why did you have to go. if we had more time together we would of ended up together forever. even your so called imperfections i love i adore you your a dove with seeds of love. (with seeds of love)

verse~ your brown eyes couldn’t tell me lies i know you to well she asked me if i think she going to h~ll. so baby girl what is this i hear you got caught up in drugs baby i’d give you a million hugs if i could i would. honestly at times i wanna end it all so i can fall to be with you nothing compares to you at all. you’re the reason i am looking forward to an after life but i know deep inside of my heart it will all be over when my soul leaves and i’m stuck under the leaves with love seeds she will call to me she will fall for me my vivid fantasy in my dreams. i’m going crazy i won’t lie when i tell you i’ve thought and tried to resurrect you to life but even an experienced practitioner knows there is no winner so i’m a mess i’m a dirty sinner. i don’t have much more lyrics i could put down for you because truth is all my music is about you it’s true 8twins was born as you were sworn away you couldn’t stay i keep up this music for you with me they will never forget about you and i love you

- เนื้อเพลง 8twinsnme