เนื้อเพลง 8percent – ​puppy luv


shawty want me for the clout , i can’t mess with that
i be staying focused , getting to them stacks i be countin’ all this up
searching for your love, yeah they all stare , we ain’t caring none because
baby you’re my girl , baby you’re my world girl i’ll buy you anything , diamonds and the pearls

tell me what u want , tell what you need
ima be here , as long as you breathe

keep you in my arms , hold you real close boo
keep that sh~t real , hold you down like i’m supposed to
girl i need your love , won’t you give me some
know she wanna kiss me , we be swapping tongues like

i know why he staring cause i got you by my side
hop inside my ride then we ride out in the night
come lets have some fun , just the two of us
tell me what u want i could give it to u luv

- เนื้อเพลง 8percent