เนื้อเพลง 8nights – expressions


says she take me serious
she be wording it
says she wanna slide out
hit the main road
take her time out
steading wishing i could
take a flight now
i like the way she work it ye
her body i be worshipin it’
sliding in
yano i’m the perfect fit
ya’ don’t gotta be curvy
girl yano you worthy

but lately you been acting different
and now you wanna slide round
play the victim
but i said i’ll hold you down
baby come around
any time you wanna chill
i’m down and im down
says she wanna smoke some loud
we can head up to clouds
darling girl
i can show these diamond pearls in the world
anything you wanna see girl
i can show you anything you wanna see girl
an i can can go the distance
when you wanna slide round
be my mistress
i hold you down
i can give you diss ye’
anything you need we can go the distance
you say i like my hair twisted
and that my breddah in the back
i think he listening
anything you need
we can go around the world
we can go around the world
really been around in the streets
ain’t a bigger hitter
tryna pick on me
couple times i even
had a fl!ck on me
they was up i was down
tryna flip on me
and now they upset
you was menna be my
rada dadadada
now the devil wearing
do we have here now
wanna ride or die

i’m sick of all the tention
and the funny looks
i’m just tryna hit the belly
get her tummy tucked
i’m rolling with my little belly
ain’t a summer look
but i dont give a ~
hmm, let me bring it back down
i’m sick of all the chicks upon the insta
with their crack out
i pray for all my bruddas’
hitting crack out
and i swear it’s getting mad now
i hope my lil cuzzy never
has to see a trap house
i swear this music
can’t have been an accident
pray my brudda never has to trap again
put in on my life
that i rap for them
grandady loves my music
asking, whens my new track again
dare a bigger hitter
try pick on me
bet you i got it on me
you don’t wanna flip on me
dishing out free smoke

- เนื้อเพลง 8nights