เนื้อเพลง 8 barz (us) – blow!


got to blow the deception
never see the captions
in the run for the glory not the honor mention
do it hard and never let the tension
get to you man keep your head up high! (hi!)
31 years ain’t mean sh~t in this life
got the talent from the pops
and the wise from my mom (fam)
please take me back in time
to them og vibes
jims lennons and michaels
music titans
i’ve been studyin’ hard with the rap games’ greatests
chronic era hit different
i can see it on your faces
gotta keep your head up!
never f~ckin’ with the fakes
they grow everywhere from russia to the states

just take care man!
you got this man!

let me run this sh~t man (makaveli rest in peace)
follow me to the new world order
still not closer and i think we losin’ when we not together!
hustle till the mornin’
‘til the cops come over!
i just want power
look what it did to mr west (‘ye)
biased n~ggas all over your face
pushing their views down your chest
s&o to the 6 god
the music is so loud
in my heart
its blowin’ and its fire
keep your head up higher
‘til the moment you die here
cause its all u ever got
take it up
push it hard
are u waitin’ for the drop
or the part where they hand you the mic!


at the party dangelo vibes
untitled songs before they fly
on spotify
i’m so high and im wise
so thats a good enough reason to do it right
i deliver on any leverage
and i need all the cut
not the percentage
i’m a grown ass man now
your request been denied
now visualize it for a moment (b~tch)
to let it sink in
gettin’ closer to the end as the clocks tickin’
so many words around just no meanin’
i was on the edge scared but now im leanin’
towards the biggest prize
i feel the heat its burnin’
be patient man!
y never know when its comin’
gotta stick with the fam
almost gave up on you (d~mn)
now i’m bangin’ on the jam
drop the beat now man
i got it now and i’m blowin’!

- เนื้อเพลง 8 barz us