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เนื้อเพลง 54th platoon – holdin’ it down


(feat. lil’ jon the eastside boyz)

5-4… 5-4… 5-4… 5-4… 5-4… [repeated several times]

[chorus x2]
we gon’ hustle, grind (grind!), stack (stack!), paperz (paperz!)
pimp hoez (pimp!), kick do’s (kick!), duck-tape, caperz (duck! yea!)
smoke (smoke!), dro (dro!), drank (drank!), hen (hen!)
for n-gg-z holdin’ it down from the block to the pen (yea!)

[verse 1]
dirty south, dirty mouth, yes, i’m guilty n-gg-
keep a pistol by my side for dem filthy n-gg-z
to these b-tchez out there thinkin’ they can tilt me n-gg-
i’m a pimp by blood, you feel me n-gg-?

y’all got a track funky like f-ckin’ wit no? for nuthin’
who these b-tchez lovin’? who these hoez wanna be huggin’?
when they see us in the club, the 5-4 be thuggin’
dappin’ and huggin’, these n-gg-z and b-tchez who give a f-ck and…

my n-gg- the block hot, glock on me
tryina harm me n-gg-, we gon’ bring a whole army
swarm like bee’s, street bleed from squeeze armin’
supreme cream team, open shop whip stormin’
n-gg-, back da f-ck off me!

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
f-ck it, just lemme slide off into it
pull out the rugerz, introduce you and yo kin to it
i hate the game, taught to neva be a friend to it
still watchin’ cornerz, and dem pistols put’em into it
i’m into it…

i gotta, hustle and fetish for dat dub-green lettuce
bustin’ ova n-gg-z hatin’ me like jerome bettis
let it be known that i’m a lil’ dirty red n-gg-
blowin’ yo mind like hangin’ wit thirty dred n-gg-z

b-tch, i’m a 9th ward, die-hard, pull yo card n-gg-
i’m from the n.o., downtown, 54 n-gg-
bustin’ til it aint’ no mo n-gg-, you’za hoe n-gg-
soon as you see me comin’, you holdin’ yo b-tchez close n-gg-!

[chorus x2]

[lil’ jon] [x2]
f-ck y’all b-tchez, get fucced up b-tch
f-ck y’all b-tchez, get fucced up b-tch
you don’t want none, you don’t want none
you don’t want none, you don’t want none


[chorus x2]

- เนื้อเพลง 54th platoon