เนื้อเพลง 3xtantsy – winter (gang freestyle)


[verse 1: roachklip]
n-gga nah i ain’t going i’m honestly (aye)
speaking about the roaches slowly burning on me
collard greens, cornbread and gumbo
isn’t all what i’ve been eating
been juggin jelly beans, try to live a life like me
cause b-tch you know we showed up in the winter
rolling russian woods poke my fingers with h-lla splinters
mom sniffing surround sound kush that linger (what?)
i make a shrink shiver he can’t handle all this dither
got my big n-gga, count a 50 that’s a ritual
n-gga i’ve been agitated for years
getting mad sh-t at school for selling 20 xanax to my peers
was cl-ss president, never ain’t that hesitant
showing up to cl-ss f-cked up all these n-ggas irrelevant
b-tch, i don’t wanna f-ck with you
you probably go snitch and catch a case on soon
been going ape sh-t while you acting like bafoon
cold -ss n-gga got a drip what’s new
leaning on the sip, got a winter never rip it
i finesse on the fireball, yo b-tch come and sip it
she give me guap and her friends come and kick it
aye ¿con que? b-tch i’m coming back with the k’

[verse 2: dolja]
crack that sh-t i can’t see
i dive on the beat diving with that pisas and
i dive on the beat put some lead in your -ss and
i dive in that coup, i dive in the cash
and i’m driving off drank, so i pray i don’t crash
saint laurent turnt on my skin and it’s burnt
400 degrees on my hip and it’s burnt
don’t give me no kush if that sh-t is not purp
and i ain’t walking fruity like lil uzi vert
we come around and we gon let it blaze
and i’m fast as f-ck and i am finna faze
got the shotty shotty, that’s a 12 gauge
you got the drugs and money we gon’ raid
alfredo, that’s chicken alfredo
hot and i’m spitting out fire, i’m twinning volcano
i got the draco, it’s spasing yo blood on the floor
like i stepped on tomato
got a new bad b-tch i’m hitting it
cause a tornado, she from san diego
you know that my n-ggas don’t play tho
we send you real far from trinidad and tobago
my n-ggas go hard in combat
we’ll claw off your tat if you is a rat
that thing go
f-ck you and your internet chat it ain’t got no impact

[verse 3: scooterbandz]
got the shotty shotty, put a hole in his body
4 holes in a n-gga like he an audi
all my n-ggas with me, yeah you know we so clean
pull up on him, b-tch you know we gon’ creep
hunnid round choppa, yeah you know we gon’ bang
scooterbandz, yeah yo b-tch know my name
in the kitchen, yeah i’m whipping up dope
if you want it then come knock on my door
i’m f-cking that b-tch, but you loving that b-tch
but she sucking my d-ck and she f-cking the team
choppa it came with a mothaf-ckin’ beam
high off herb and i’m turnt up on lean

- เนื้อเพลง 3xtantsy