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young n~gga chasing a mil i pray my dawg polo sign this deal no n~gga i’m for real i hang with k!llers so you betta chill get caught you can’t squeal shout out to my dawg aka phil big 40 in my pants call up my bro’s i’m ready to spin n~ggas be talking that tough sh~t we slide on they block they be on sum hush sh~t trav got the drac and he bussing he won’t stop to that n~gga busted n~ggas be broke that ain’t no discussion i’mma just stack my money and keep hustling if you go against the grain big 38 gone cook yo brain ya ya ya edgar got the pole in his hands tell the opps it’s time to dance we stick to the code we catch a opp n~gga we taking his soul big bro t in the back any move wrong he going in his hat i really love my gang i won’t neva change on em for the fame if u a lame you can’t hang f~ck around with me i’m sn~tching ya chain

- เนื้อเพลง 3xt0icbingo