เนื้อเพลง 3×3 – hidden facts


[producer tag: sj]


[verse 1: zt]
all these 3 2s tryna find one wretched
dreadz that gives verbal to the ends
but don’t ride out when his friends get drenched
got me scratching my head cah it don’t make sense
jv first then poppy got cheffed
right now the scoreboards looking all ments
and don’t let me mention kev like j npk he’s already been kweffed
nothing but g’s in the unit
jump out the whip let me go and pursue him
afg that’s stabs and shootings
gruesome shoot in your brains you’re clueless
micks put a name on his blade and the streets still talking we ain’t gotta say names
at traffic lights get spotted on mains
passenger seat get bored in your face

[verse 2: e1]
e1’s back, i only spit facts
feds knew i was out till late cah i’m out till late so they slapped me on tag
poppy got splashed i was in my cell p~ssed again cah the p~ssio never turned pack
all now they ain’t rid back but they’re jumping on tracks just talking wass
ask jv how the zk taste my n~gga msplash really fed him that
big bro dun dashed left little bro spazzing
came park lane didn’t see no badness
sj slapped it still no reaction
the wap hasn’t got an agenda
party with the opps; get left where you’re standing
girls, the corn ain’t got no manners
how’d you think t~nesha ended up in a package?

[verse 3: zt]
bro traps in a dirty bando
my opps been rapping with spotless rambos
keep thinking you’re safe on the backroads
till man slaps that corn through your afro
didn’t talk when kev got hit
but they’re talking sh~t how he shot and missed
after banghisa got window chinged
and he jumped on tracks are you taking the p~ss?
matchday we’re the top scorers
on the 12’s skid through the supporters
take a left right after the corner
you know what happens if you buck an enforcer
ford, 125 or corsa
anytime we slide npk in quarters
swing my borer, swing my borer
leave man slumped on the corner

[verse 4: e1]
free dv he was moving oj
caught onyx at church and he banged his face
i know someone’s stressed cause their dad’s in the grave
and they ain’t k!lled none of my mates
i’m back with the kobi 40
stuck in the mud; all sleeping cosy
bad b on me still h~rny
kaos in my spliff; no chip, it’s a puree
still got a sale that’s 6 for 40
but the cid’s there lowkey
moving real nosey
had me back on the wing with tally and nuts
‘018 made the temperature hot
that’s 30 degrees when we lurk on blocks
have you ever been 4 dotties; up not giving 2 f~cks; tryna tape it off?
them times it was anyting green on crud
2 shotties up; loaded pumps
chop, chop so it’s small like twin
that’s what i call sawn off dots
that’s what i call sawn off dots

[verse 5: zt]
get caught by 5 of the g’s
and we’re all giving 3
minimum 15
xing xhao xing xhao in and out of your tee
and you know that it’s anyting green
on a load of badness
know that the opps on a load of chatting
buck into me; no knuckle sandwich
you know that my tool gets brandished
case unclipped; man swing that first
they rap about their young g’s dirt
they see niners and they try divert
the brizzy kickback hold firm and burst
dun [?] 2 then lurk on the 3rds
put holes in your shirt
ask leadz how my chest shot works
3×3 been mashing the works
and everyday someone beefing the 9
giving verbal on the net got me scratching my head
but their bros been shot or cheffed
that’s pints of blood that my bredrin left
crash that dots of the 12’s ped
insert that lead, full throttle, and rev
man’s really tryna crash at them
it is what it is you can talk on the net

[verse 6: e1]
zt is a chest shot specialist
aim for his chest he’ll get him for definite
they’re not on what my gang’s on
our ting’s seperate
skengfield ain’t slapped it once
i’ll tell you for free all the waps are celibate
bounces road bro backed what pole?
are you sniffing coke?
same road where chicken got smoked
now i’m getting asked why that p~ssio
attempted [?] to try cross the road
[?] to try cross the road

[producer tag: sj]


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