เนื้อเพลง 3uko – 5 a.m. (#3emix)


[verse 1]

i been at this for a minute
i could never say i’m quitting
mama raised me better than
switching something ‘fore i’m finished
i’m by no means veteran
but i swear i’m better than
more than half of your new school
i just came to collect my letterman’s
warming up, you’d think that i was spazzing
this just practice
it’s all the same in the game
i rap like i cracked it’s code
flow like back in the day
tryna out rap my bros
and i already did it so i guess i’m back for mo’
is you already finished?
is you already giving up?
17 flows, bet you want the boy to switch it up
just so you can sip it up (up)
like my son’s, here’s a sippy cup (cup)
and y’all can keep it if you keeping up (sike)
if i’m eating best believe i cooked and dished it up
other rapper’s washed like in the kitchen doing dishes up
and wishing they could switch position with us
as we shifting up (up up up yeah)
flow is so ubiquitous
we’re like a “f~ck a throne
3 side is a pantheon”
n~gga nah you can’t sit with us (aye)
n~gga nah you can’t sit with us (aye)…
n~gga nah you can’t…
’cause we came in the game with the sole aim
of cancelling those that roleplay as ogs
but only have the desire
of turning back father time
to his old ways, old days
gold? more like stone age flows
that you all praise highly
like “kendrick ain’t spit better than pac”
n~gga fight me
f~ck if you invite me
came to steal the show, kick the door with a fly~kick
could’ve got my foot in the door
but despite this, i just…
keep it on their necks, like a choker
n~ggas thought i was joker
’til god shuffled up the decks
now i’m kinging like i’m ‘pposed to
set my targets on the rappers
that would hang up on my posters
life just a roller coaster like that
and i know i’m ‘pposed to fight back
when people try steer me from the goals i chose
while i know i’m on the right track
at least i know the fam got my back
when i’m on the grind
going overtime
tryna draw the line back
separating from these borderline
wack rap n~ggas
certified god flow
so devine issa shrine
not a booth where i rap n~gga

… ( like “kendrick ain’t spit better than pac”
n~gga fight me, f~ck if you invite me)

- เนื้อเพลง 3uko