เนื้อเพลง 3t | trevor – two birds


i, i be the guy
let’s just keep it real y’all there ain’t no need to lie
it’s all love and peace, i never saw the need to fight
but on the mic i k!ll, if you swap bars with me you die
coz from this mic i get my change
pay my bills, hoes liking my gang
coz we ill, deep throat ain’t thing
she gives me brains that get me thinking so that’s why i call her thottie
and just coz i’m no christian doesn’t mean that i’m ungodly
i’m a god b
don’t mistake me for no d-ck coz i’m c-cky
girls? i make em wet, control their seas, do you copy?
do you capeesh? comprende? don’t start beef
what’s at stake’s you heart’s ease, i’m sensei, you learning, your spots
humanity, you’re no god, you don’t decide who’s burning or not
but if you had it your way
clearly you wouldn’t my n-ggas go through heaven’s door way
but, i bet you probably think that you’re straight
and i guess we’ll go to h-ll coz we’re not holier than thy
who’s holier than thou, we should repent before we die, right?
we speak in tongues in rap coz you clearly don’t understand it
you can judge us for our antics but please don’t call us satanic
we don’t need that, and you gon hear more bout this sh-t when i’m on t.o.g’s track
don’t be so superst-tious, use your brain or mind your beeswax
had your back, then you stabbed mine, i pop a pill for all my lost friends
i’m sick of all you hypocrites who claim you god’s fans, god’s fans
f-ck em

beast mode on like b.o.b
nah, wait, better, yet, beast mode on, like t.o.g
yeah, yeah, your girl came and she oded
“oded on what n-gga?” on my d, it’s d.o.p, e
think i’m lying? ask your girl if she know 3t
and i put that on my ex
speaking of her, sh-t, she bout to get it next, yeah…

all you bring is tears and apologies, i should probably
reply with a middle finger every time you say you sorry
coz you always repeat the same sh-t
like you think this some kinda game b-tch
sorry don’t mean reset, it don’t mean that we set
told your -ss to leave hoe, so why ain’t you leave yet
oh my god, i can’t f-ck with you, lately
on my squad, everything do fugazee
fake as h-ll
don’t twerk, coz i hear your ratel when you shake your tail
paid your bail back when life handed you your l
when i was your man, i treated you so well, oh yeah
you had it good…

so this how you ended up doing me, f-ck you
i’m losing grip on my purity
swear if some of y’all died i’d drop diss track on your eulogy, f-ck you
and i ain’t saying no names, but if you feel you’re the target, then blame your actions
you painted a bulls eye on your own chest and i aim with p-ssion
a jpeg you named love, had us in fame, but you came with damage
a virus, either take me out the picture or change the caption
it’s simple, yeah, first cl-ss ticket to the top of the game
and i’m samuel l jackson, acting like calm and i’m sane
but i hear the hisses, i mean, disses they place in my name
and d-mn, i don’t want these maaf-cken snakes in my plane

need to cop danny & drigga a fair amount
need to convince their top 5 favorite rappers to hear em out
and to make sure, i’ll use their beats as weapons, as i aim for the head
of those who, claim to be kings, if their crowns fake then they’re dead
like they touched polly, don’t touch polly dawg, that’s a death trap
that, other guy said that, been, through many setbacks
tryna find out where my head’s at, sick of bullsh-t, need my meds, stat
i get sad when some head lacks, hope my next girl won’t forget that
i’ve been kinging, and i reign so much y’all forgot how the sun look
and when it’s time to leave, sh-t, i’ma probably tell my son, look
please don’t f-ck with own peasants
you might just lose your queen first and throne second
when home wrecking, b-tches pull up your crib to destroy
saying break a leg, i bet they tryna cripple you, boy
it’s easy for them to cut ties, delilah’s always keep a pair of scissors
i’m it, all these 1s and 0s gon scare you n-ggas
you’ll float too, you’ll float too
even if the ship about to sink, i won’t get a new boat crew
what kind is that? no switching sides, when something wrong
we only, speak in one language back where i belong
if not loyalty then you’re probably making noise with your rattle
uber trips and airbnb with my bros, as we travel, yeah
disregarding those who own a gown and a gavel
dodging those who’s bellies are in touch with the gravel
and now there’s one more person i ain’t gotta text dawg
you ain’t no mathematic equations, i ain’t gotta fix y’all
yeah, so finding x just ain’t my problem to solve
coz if i wanted something fake, i would have copped a s-x doll
talk is cheap, so she had a lot to say as an outcome
but when i speak it’s gon cost you 10 dollars an album
never once have i gotten screwed over by pro tools
can’t tolerate hoes right now, if you approach, i might hose you
they cool with breaking my heart like i can just go cop a new one
if i let you in you’ll probably leave my life in ruins
get other people involved, and expect me to be waiting
then get violent when i move on, like you would swear we’re dating, i’m like

no ma’am
please don’t treat that boy 3t like he’s your man
and please don’t f-ck up my cell, you’re not gohan
i’m a grown man
it ain’t my fault you’re struggling and got no plan
it ain’t my fault you’re l!cking thots to get more xans
you’re not the only girl that doesn’t it with no hands
have fun, go ham
but lost your man
i find such ironic
and when i think about the fact that we used to f-ck, i vomit
haha, i’m kidding, we had some good times and i respect that
but you wasted my time and owe me money i won’t get back
but i care more bout my time than money, coz to me b-tch time is money
coulda made some tracks with time spent, cooking food when mine was hungry
you ain’t mine no more and i’m liberated
it’s sad my biggest fan ain’t gon be there when a n-gga make it
i left your love triangle and went for the winners circle
you should have been here with me but instead all my wins will hurt you
guess it’s all part of god’s plan, but i don’t really f-ck with god much
and i don’t think this was his plan at all
girl if you had the thing you call love?
why would you get another man involved?
but f-ck it, beast mode on like b.o.b
nah, wait, better, yet, beast mode on, like t.o.g
and i put that on my ex
and she bout to get it next, still…

- เนื้อเพลง 3t trevor