เนื้อเพลง 3t | trevor – skr skr


girl i’m done with all these n-ggas
that claim they “f-cking with us”
but they just f-cking with us
i need someone to grab the wheel
take the wheel
grab the wheel
take the wheel
first one would always take me for granted
last one would question all my bad habits
shut the f-ck up let me get f-cked up and let me love ya, i wanna love ya
and i been going through the most sh-t
thinking, over-thinking my emotions
could you calm me down by bringing pills and potions, yeah?
and we could do that dope sh-t
come up to my room
the things i wanna do
if it were me and you
vroom vroom vroom
vroom vroom vroom
vroom vroom-

come on baby what’s the deal?
i was tryna chill but now you’re ouchea catching feels

3t & tozzie:
i need you to grab the wheel
just grab a wheel and make a u turn
come on baby when will you learn?
just grab a wheel and make a u turn

coz i’m done with you b-tches
a pretty face won’t fool me, you’re a girl, your heart is vicious
if i’m putting work up on the stove please do the dishes
it’s the, least you can do coz love is tango, tennis, it’s just
a shame that i don’t dance and i don’t play no sports, i’m injured
i’d love for you to be nurse
but your, friends in the room, we gotta wait for them to leave first
they don’t know our secret, bunch of john snows
asked me if i’m seeing someone, “just some girl y’all don’t know
from what i what i heard she likes a nappy headed n-gga
she likes to f-ck but then she’s happy when he kiss her
and she always shooting right back when he diss her
coz she don’t give a, f-ck yeah, that’s my n-gga,”
then they left the room, now it’s just us two
i’ma make a move and have you do me like a coupé
and squirt, i mean, skr
and you gon like it when it hurt

yeah, hit the lights and let me swerve in to your blind curves
a mind surge to make you loose, that’s purpose the wine serves
so we should wine and dine first
i don’t drink, but girl you got me dying of thirst
your nudes the most welcome distraction when i’m tryna work
but i’ma finish soon, tell the uber driver vroom
i’ma make you feel explosions in your womb
like there’s a c4 in your pumm pumm
hit it like boom boom boom

baby i’ma keep it real, i was tryna chill but, you make it hard for me to chill
now i’m ouchea catching feels, but i’m so d-mn sick of love, so much i’m popping every pill
and doing anything to heal, and i know that that’s a deal breaker
i won’t take your heart coz if i take it now i will break ya
yeah, coz brokenness contagious
last girl had me infected and now i’m tryna contain it
if it ever spreads to you, well, to be honest i wouldn’t know what to do
so avoidance is the best thing to pursue, right? tell me that isn’t true?
you got a say in all of this tell me what do you choose?

know your playing games looking for a controller
someone to grab the wheel hold you down and not just hold ya
i could be both if you’d stop going shoulder to shoulder
arm in arm
tongue to tongue
with girls that don’t even know ya, yeah
you’re testing me
trying to see if i’ma grab the wheel
baby i’ma pull up, swerve and park successfully

you can park at my place, and i don’t mind that
your lips are like a mind map, help me find where my mind’s at
then, motor sport, put that thing in sport
ride it like a horse, ooouuh, that thing a porsche
rari or a mustang, forgive me for my confusion
i was dealing with a problem but in you, i found solution
the ex realized too late that there’s really no subst-tution
you stopped me from drowning so i’ll help you off that sunken cruise ship
yeah, i’m fly, i need a copilot, if you have the sk!ll
i’ll put you in the c-ckpit and when you’re ready, maybe you can grab the wheel

well, actually, in a plane, it ain’t a wheel, it’s kinda u shaped, and i’m sure it has a special name, i’ma hit up google later, but you get the point

you listened:
baby what the h-ll is going on?
is it me or is something wrong with your phone?
coz when i send a text you don’t hit back no more
ain’t no need for all that, just relax don’t go
did i lose you, somewhere along the way?
really, what the f-ck was i supposed to say?
maybe i should just focus on this mixtape
since i’m tryna be a star and you need sp-ce, right?
girl, i’m really hoping that’s the case
i’ll give it a month, and probably hit you up in may
only problem with my plan is that you may
have moved on and got yourself a new baé
should have cuffed you back then when you had the feels
when you was playing with my jack like you was jill
and you’d grab the wheel, take the wheel
grab the wheel yeah

come on baby what’s the deal
i don’t know how to feel, i thought what we had was sealed
it turns out i should have chilled
yeah, you really got the sk!ll, look at how you curved the real
grabbed the wheel and made a u-turn
told you, to grab the wheel and make a u-turn
but i, really thought you saw the vision
till you f-cked around and listened

- เนื้อเพลง 3t trevor