เนื้อเพลง 3t | trevor – rather be lonely


first verse (trevor):
she said he was just like me
in many ways, the words he said were just as sweet
her tongues unlike any blade but still it cut me just as deep
and now on this song i bleed, tears in my sheets
she, said she was blind, and he just caught her eye
well why was your eye falling in the first place?
now you hurt me in the worst way, betrayal was just the first phase
i got the juice and you know that sh-t
so no excuses, you could have hit me up when you were thirsty
if i couldn’t be couldn’t be there, i was in the stu
working my -ss off, for me and you
but that’s something you clearly didn’t understand
coz your ungrateful -ss felt like you needed another man
don’t call me, don’t text
don’t email, you’re being a pest
don’t send nudes, i’m no longer in need of your s-x
moving on to the next, where it’s greener is best
and no we can’t be homies, or friends
coz i might just hate you till the very end
it is what you made it, no need to pretend
so for now girl just leave me the f-ck alone please

leave me the f-ck alone please
coz i’d rather be lonely
than to have you hold me

second verse (trevor):
you gave a, middle finger to my sacrifices
guess my effort didn’t matter much
pursuing all these messed up vices
how the h-ll you lost your balance when you had a crutch
me, once was your crush, never thought you would crush, me
now coldness rushes each time you touch, me
didn’t know loyalty was too much to ask for
i gave you that hoping i’d get some back, but no
you know me and honestly, the girls that could have been on this d
would have made you feel so insecure, and put you right where you belong
silly me, my fault, i thought
i could save you but i was proven wrong
you got angry coz i was moving on?
acting like you never left me f-cking lonely
and lived like you didn’t want me
did your best to show me that you didn’t own me
and all you did was leave me f-cking lonely
knees on the concrete
got up, was bleeding for now god d-mn reason
now i’m good so just leave me the f-ck alone please

leave me the f-ck alone please
coz i’d rather be lonely
than to have you hold me

third verse (3t):
i tried to put you on
with your dreams and i gave you a loan
when your mom and dad disowned, chased you out their house and left you lonely, i gave you a home
when you couldn’t stand the world, you asked me for a chair, you were my queen so i gave you a throne
now my kingdom’s in shambles coz my queen couldn’t handle
and i faced dark days but my queen couldn’t candle
d-mn, your -ss rotten had to throw you away
you got with so and so coz they rolled you a jay
now you talking about i’m your soul mate? b-tch please, go away
i’m on the road to riches, and you was just a stowaway
and if i was your soul mate, you would have felt my soul break
every single time that you did what you did
and now you feeling like sh-t coz you get what you give
see i just can’t forgive

outro (trevor & 3t):
coz every time that i start thinking back
and missing what we had
then i remember what you did and stop myself from missing trash
you had a hug you could call home and
you decided to live in the moment
now i’m gone, i’m on my own but i feel great so please leave me the f-ck alone
leave me the f-ck alone
coz i’d rather be lonely
yeah, yeah
young mula baaybeeeeey (my inner weezy. haha)

- เนื้อเพลง 3t trevor