เนื้อเพลง 3t | trevor – meanwhile in hatfield


i just graduated from the dms, got her number, and from here, dawg it gets easy
texts back in thirty seconds flat, it’s not with in these ladies to neglect 3t
she don’t cook or clean, all she do is eat and sleep, only keep her around coz she s-x freaky
get some dome through the weekend, then send her back to her mans when she gets needy
she a pro at giving brains, yeah, a mastermind
sh-t, i wonder if her pastor minds
if i take her to the club and p-ss blunts just to p-ss the time
then go to church just to ask for wine
and bread to feed the munchies, when we is hungry
i could be jumanji if she needs a monkey
we can do some monkey business, i go bananas
going through my naughty list, got three hoes for santa
free smoke, your manners, the juice h-lla, so they try seduce trevor
sfebe, fall for, you? never! f-cked then, chucked a, deuce, left her
but before i left i let you boo measure, and you, pressured, coz you next up
do better? you? never, coz i don’t play boy, no hugh hefner
rest in peace, but you left the recipe, for youngen
hef, your flavor’s dope but it’s gon need adjusting
need more chocolate and coco to stick my tongue in
need a bunny to eat my carrot
girl if you’re out there please be apparent
i’ve been looking for ages, if she a parent
she a milf, i like cougars, no need for marriage
i foresee the damage, caused by legal matters
sh-t is evil, madam, i’ma need more magnums
minnie mes won’t happen, less i say so
till i got the peso, a mansion, a v12, stable
relationship, a girl for keeps
but till that day comes
i’ma get me this bread, treat these hoes like they crumbs
treat these hoes like they dumb, but they’re brains is amazing
they got me on my phone, outside and i’m waiting
just called an uber for the fourth time
they keep cancelling on me for no reason
must be god’s way of saying don’t go 3t
don’t be the snack that these hoes eating
binge watched a netflix show, she watched before me so
she gave me top through the whole season
coz she was bored, needed entertainment
why all these hoes mistake me for raymond
they all love me, and i love em back
i’ma have that written on a welcome mat
but it’s always welcome, never welcome back
always keep my cool, and i seldom snap
but when i do, you get a fatality
and the voice in my head says well done, or perfect
so don’t p-ss me off please, i swear it’s not worth it
just mind your own business, sip tea like you’re kermit
you heard me

meanwhile in hatfield your boo gotta hang over
she had choice, heck, she gave me that thang sober
then she liquored up to get rid of guilt
9 lives later, after that cat’s been k!lled
hit up fauzi then i got her some wings
just to say thank you coz you did the things
that had to done, blame the pot or the vibes
when she hit you up to confess as she cries
but she hit them high notes dawg, who knew she could sing?
clearly not you, it’s the truth and it stings
but this isn’t life dawg, i’m through with these flings
and i stay on my grind coz rap needs a new a king
drigga goes in, danny goes in
3t goes in, feel like we was chosen
to lead the new school

second verse:
confirmation the only thing that’s lacking
but when i snap, it sound like iraq, my dad needs me packing
i cannot slack coz he had my back when i needed backing
and he ain’t heard me rap, but he just believes that his kid a dragon
and since this happened, i won’t stop for y’all
lost a girl i loved to death but didn’t die, or drop the ball
wait, she lost me, but sometimes it don’t feel that way, but still, i’m
the typa dude to finish clips on a rolly, to k!ll time
my fear devours, my endless hours, aha, but
i’m not a coward, while y’all would scared, i stand and face it
if y’all allow us, and give us ours, we’ll probably take this
game by storm, my team, you ain’t x-men but y’all amazing —
and that’s my confirmation
first tape, gon get them telling me that i’m the greatest
i know i’ma make it
since they know it too, it was no trouble when i them naked
rather use their mouth to suck my d than hold a conversation
and these are the problems that i’m faced with
the only thing i fears a condom breaking
every time she give me brains, i call it contemplating
i’m a lot to deal with
i swear i do the tings in rap that tozzie do when she sings
and when she’s pulling her strings, in other words, k!ll sh-t
and when i meet reece i’ma tell him to keep doing his thing

expe, expectations
hope you don’t have any expectations
i’m sick with it so please be h-lla patient
and judging by from the looks things, your feelings escalating
that would be cool if i was certain bout what i want in life
but i’m not, do i wanna f-ck these hoes? or do i want a wife?
what if one girl just ain’t enough to feed my apat-te?
nah, that ain’t it
truth is i really just want love and all offers
but i won’t rush myself knowing i won’t do it proper
i’m damaged, cupid had me fall in love with satan’s sp-wn
and although satan’s gone, i visit h-ll sometimes then wake at dawn
night mares coz of people who don’t fight fair
i know you’re going through the same, if you need me, i’m right here
and i know you ain’t ready too, you’re sick with it but i’m h-lla patient
and judging from the looks of things, my feelings elevating
now i, expect you to reply or tell me when you’re busy
but then again, we said no expectations
so, cool, never thought i’d be the one who ends up waiting, for you
to grab the wheel

- เนื้อเพลง 3t trevor