เนื้อเพลง 3t | trevor – got spirit


a roof missing on the benz homie
got a hater talking like his life depends on it
djs play 3t loud so i don’t think he’ll hear it
while he’s in a club haunted by distilled spirits
and him being me, i’ll say, oh i’m a mess
so if i talk game girl just know i’m possessed
your body’s a treasure, girl show show us some chest
oh you fly so to get you i role up some jets
i see you taking shots son, i’m bullet proof hard
b-tches calling shot gun to ride the new car
but where f-ck -they at, when i need a push start
better give a hole in one to ride in tiger wood’s cart
i go extra hard, saucing while they threw salt
problem is these dudes broke but need a fix, i lose heart
coz i’m like pablo escobar, supplied the game with true dope
difference is he moved c0ke, while a young-en moves art
that’s dreamworks, i’m getting paid y’all
i’m the game’s lieutenant wish a private would go hay-wall
sleeping on your talent while pursuing your day job
if life’s a game of pool then you just sunk your own 8th ball
hey, hey, hoped up out the bed, went and flipped the switch up
turned my swag on, they now see the bigger picture
dudes take shots like an ak, but they come short when it’s pay day
so it’s f-ck what ever they say, tell my ears to take a vacay
when they talk, me no comprende, this is real stuff
hater’s twitter finger itching acting like they real thugs
when they need p-ssy the have to find some girls and build trust
yes to them, they still numb, but i guess they feel us
the swag got me getting these broads, at a fast rate
haters taking shots while we ball, try’na frustrate
ak 47 in my mouth, mana bust straight
if they thinking they got big b-lls, mana castrate
i’m cold dawg, you might just need more theraflu
d-mn, you ain’t got no future like, oouh
when your girl’s looking at me she won’t see error dude
so handcuffing her is something that you better do
oh lord, if i want her all i gotta do is go for her
i got zeros at the left side of the decimal
you got zeroes packed on your side of the scoreboard
you say you winning but you got nothing to show for it
word to your lady, d-mn it baby be my chauffeur
and drive me crazy, i heard two keys whiskey unlocks your skirt
i always want a sphinx cat, baby no fur, no fur
you should probably bring your girls to the squad and y’all could show us crew love
just swallow all the juice from our straws when you suck
i’ll treat you like you special, have you feeling booed up
but you won’t stick around, don’t start to think you glued up
oh yeah, so don’t get cozy with the squad, should i remind you that you don’t belong here?
yeah, it’s free smoke, swear the kush we always rolling strong here
and i’m your highness, if they back stab us that just means that their behind us
we’re a bunch of stars so you know just where to find us
bad b-tches, looking like a bunch of miners
they dig my gold, gold chain and ring, designer
she wants to hold a note, and i ain’t talking bout a-minor
we’re stars, so that means that universal might just sign us
the money multiplies, my balance never on a minus
but sleep is on a minus, my sauce all gold coz my touch is on that mitus
and i’m on that mighty, and your b-tch likes me, high key
a f-ck is highly likely
i’m fly and i got the buzz, it’s likely that i might be

haters doubt but then one day ay ay ay
they finna see me on their tv, on the paper, magazine up on the front pa a a age
yeah, at the mall when women see me they gon ra a a ampage
dawg, don’t be mad, coz it ain’t my fault that all these b-tches want me e e e eh
guess it’s coz i got the spirit

i got spirit, yes i do
i got the spirit n-gga, how bout you?
yeah, i got spirit, yes i do
i got the spirit n-gga, how bout you?

- เนื้อเพลง 3t trevor