เนื้อเพลง 3shot josh – no hook pt. 7


if a n~gga slide then his ass gon die
run up on him den i give his ass five
posted wit my bloodas up innat beehive
posted on the block that’s where i reside

smokin on gas and you know that sh~t sticky
put the pump to his back do his ass like ricky
n~gga tryna rob me but his ass can’t trick me
yea i’m 3shot but i’ll let off 50

pockets real fat like nutty professor
bro got a glock on top of da dresser
until i make it applyin that pressure
u is a snitch u a confessor

we gon hop out lil b~tch wit the glock out
think i’m youngboy cuz a young n~gga hot now
think he wit the sh~ts watch his ass get shot down
he was dissin me now that p~ssy rot now

p~ssy you can get stepped on like a insect
pull up hop out get to sprayin like windex
try ta run up on me p~ssy n~gga you gon get wet
how you a gangster but ain’t even hit no l!cks yet
b~tch i’ll shoot a movie you would think a n~gga chipset
all my opps know of me b~tch i’m a big threat
how u talkin bold but ain’t even come spin yet
b~tch we gon hop out put him on tv
talkin ona net p~ssy n~gga come see me
brodie gotta 30 and it came wit a green beam
pull up wit a chopstick named this b~tch ling ling
opps always talkin but they not on a thing thing
n~ggas steady hatin but they lowkey wanna be me
ian even see sh~t like a n~gga stevie

yea i smoke swishers but no i’m not sweet
hop on da track and i’m k!llin da beat
the last n~gga ran up restin in peace
you talk on the net p~ssy let’s meet
or i’ll just catch yo ass in the streets
think my gang lackin we stay wit sum heat
leave you like nuski slumped in the seat
hit him in the head watch his brain leak

you not from the trenches b~tch you is not like that
gang took yo 40 boy come get yo pipe back
they know what we do so they won’t try to fight back
packin this sweet like this sh~t was a flight bag

- เนื้อเพลง 3shot josh