เนื้อเพลง 3shot josh – no hook pt. 6


f~ck yo opinion that sh~t do not benefit me so just keep that sh~t up in yo pocket, i’m from the trenches i kept a meat roll in my pants befo i ever copped me a wallet
thinkin he poppin, sum like grease
catch him while he sleep now it’s blood in da sheets
smoke so much gas i might odee off the weed
feel like odb b~tch i’m all about the cream
he act like he wit it n~gga jus stop it
pull up 50 deep erry n~gga wit me mobbin
n~ggas like b~tches got my name and they gossip
catch em at the rebound call me dennis rodman

ion got opps i jus got haters
ion want no new friends i jus need the paper
smoke exotic strands all different kinds of flavors, n~gga said he want smoke we gon give his ass the vapors

pull up like batman in that all black man, hollows eat him up so i call my bullets pac~man
he say dat he wit it but he just cappin
when it’s pressure he gon run like lamar jackson

like a green light all my n~ggas on go
like a street sign b~tch we always keep a pole
illuminati boys we a come and take yo soul
shoutout bricksquad rip jojo
n~ggas want clout, i’m breakin his nose, jus like sum nudes, he gettin exposed

pull up like chin ups, crunch em like a sit up
it’s all fun and games till a n~gga get hit up
bullets in his body now a n~gga can’t get up
my gun like divorce it a split yo whole sh~t up
n~gga talkin sh~t but you really ain’t wit that
got a new glizzy it a knock a n~gga wig back
boy you got robbed yea i kno u want yo l!ck back
see u got gas lil n~gga lemme get that
up the 30 on him split em up like a kit kat
creepin up in my jordan’s you would think a n~gga riff raff

i was gone for a while but n~gga i’m back now
run up on a f~ck n~gga wit that f~ckin mac out
he was talkin sh~t so he finna get clapped now
better ask about me better go check my background

catch a n~gga slippin now his body in a box p~ssy n~ggas changin now they hangin wit the opps
i been juggin n~ggas all summer hidin from the cops
and i always keep a weapon ian fightin wit da opps
flex wit money on his snap now he finna get robbed
heard he dissin onna net now he finna get popped
take a n~gga out the picture like he photoshop crop

- เนื้อเพลง 3shot josh